The Torus Science Park (hereinafter referred to as TSP) has its registered office in Ciechanów at Plocka 34.


  1. TSP, subject to resolution 4 is opened for visitors on the following days of the week and at the following time:

1) from Tuesday to Friday at 9.00 – 17.00,

2) on Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 – 18.00,

  • Detailed information about days and opening hours are announced on the website www.parknaukitorus.pl and at the ticket office of TSP.
  • The ticket offices are opened at the same time as TSP opens and are closed 30 minutes before closing time of TSP.
  • In justified cases TSP can be opened on different days and time.


  1. Children under 13 cannot visit TSP (inside and outside the Park) without an adult supervision.
  2. School bags, big handbags and jackets must be left in cloakroom of TSP.
  3. The cloakroom of TSP is opened when TSP opens and is opened until the last visitor leaves.
  4. Do not leave any valuables or money in the cloakroom.
  5. One ticket allows visitor to enter TSP once or attend workshops once.
  6. Entry to TSP is monitored by a visual record on an electronic device of people entering, visiting and leaving TSP.
  7. TSP reserves the right to exclude any part of the area of TSP from visiting. Information about it shall be given to the visitors, if possible, before buying the ticket.
  8. TSP reserves the right to exclude any device from the exhibition, which is broken, damaged or destroyed.
  9. The stand must be used according to the manuals given on particular exhibits and visitors must pay attention to all warnings and remarks put on them.
  10. All errors, damages and problems shall be reported immediately to the workers of TSP.
  11. Eating and drinking is allowed only in restricted areas marked by TSP workers. Visitors leaving TSP and their baggage may be controlled by the staff.
  12. The number of visitors is limited to 50 people simultaneously visiting TSP.


Visitors of TSP are forbidden to:

  1. enter “the water tower”;
  2. carry out elements of the equipment of TSP;
  3. move elements of the equipment into different places outside their assigned places;
  4. destroy any elements of the equipment of TSP;
  5. enter TSP with animals. This ban does not prohibit entering with guide dogs;
  6. enter TSP exhibition building with scooters, bikes, skateboards and other similar equipment, and it is forbidden to ride them inside TSP;
  7. bring any kind of object that may hurt by contaminating or causing bodily injuries to other visitors or their possession in TSP, or which may damage or contaminate TSP equipment;
  8. eat or drink outside the restricted area marked by the staff;
  9. run a business on TSP area without a written agreement from the Head of TSP;
  10.  run an advertising campaign or political agitation;
  11. organise meeting, artistic performances without a written agreement from the Head of TSP;
  12.  block escape routes or emergency exits in any manner;
  13.  carry in baggage; it is allowed to carry in handbags, necessary baggage for parents and caretakers of children or baggage necessary for health issues; TSP reserves the right to control such baggage. In the case when a person denies the control, the staff may refuse to let this person inside TSP. In such case, this visitor has the right to get a ticket refund.


  1. Every organised group of visitors under age must be accompanied by at least one adult in TSP.
  2. In the case of secondary schools, one adult can take care of max 15 students; in the case of kindergarten groups and primary school groups one adult can take care of max 10 children.
  3. Group booking can be done at the ticket office or online at www.parknaukitorus.pl.
  4. Organised groups should arrive at TSP and report to the ticket office 10 minutes before booking time.
  5. A person collecting the ticket must be given the number of reservation and a valid confirmation of payment.
  6. TSP is entered at a particular time reserved during the booking.


  1. TSP area is under the audio and video surveillance system.
  2. In case of evacuation all people on TSP area must immediately leave the building through the nearest emergency exit and follow all instruction given by TSP staff.


The area around the water tower and the hall of the building with exhibition are open for general use.


The present Regulations are available on TSP website www.parknaukitorus.pl and at the ticket office of TSP.


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